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We want your shopping experience at Damon Gardens to be easy and fun! To help you easily find iris varieties that interest you, we have designed the interactive advanced search form which is available on the right side of every page.

The form works by restricting your search based on your chosen trait parameters in the drop-down lists. For instance, if you want to search for iris that have yellow in the standards and are bicolor, select "Yellow" in the list under the Standards category and "Yes" under the Bicolor category. All unselected categories will be unrestricted in your search.

If you are unfamiliar with iris flower traits, the following trait definitions will help you utilize the advanced search form.

Standards - The upper, typically upright three petals of the flower.

Falls - The lower three petals of the flower.

Bicolor/Bitone - Bicolor flowers have standards and falls of different colors. Typically standards are the lighter color. Bitone flowers have standards and falls with different tones of the same color.

Plicata/Rim - Plicata flowers have a stitched edge of color on white petals. A rim includes any background color with a contrasting color around the edge of the petals.

Broken Pattern - These flowers have irregular patterns of broken colors on the petals. Typically no two flowers on the same plant will be exactly alike.

Beard Contrast - The beard is the hairy spot beginning in the throat of the flower between two standards and protruding at the top of each fall. Contrasting beards have bright colors that differ from the rest of the flower, such as an orange beard on a blue or purple flower.

Rebloomer - Reblooming iris have a propensity to bloom again in the fall. Some varieties are more dependable than others and some perform better in certain maturity zones.

Space Age - Space Age iris have decorative extensions on the beards. These are often referred to as a flounce, horn, or spoon.


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